How do you carry keys, cell, ID, $, or your iPod while exercising at any fitness facility?


Everything fits in the pockets of your own personal Zhu PockeTowel™

Exclusive iPocket™ design:

Unique zippered pockets secure and protect your valuables while working out at the gym, taking yoga or fitness classes, or at any exercise facility.

The Zhu pocket towel allows you the freedom to move through your active lifestyle unrestricted and unencumbered knowing your valuables are organized and protected. Plus, you have a powerful ally blocking those nasty infectious microbes that are everywhere. And, throw away your wires and armbands! The iPocket gives you a brand new choice for carrying your iPod or any wireless music player.

Bamboo is Better™

Ultra-soft and remarkably absorbent, the Zhu PockeTowel™ is made with pure natural bamboo from sustainable eco-friendly sources. Bamboo's naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties protect you and your belongings from germs and bacteria. Zhu's exclusive fabric gives the softest touch ever yet stands up to heavy use and repeated washing, retaining the softness and absorbency while remaining anti-bacterial.

For those forward thinking individuals who know they'll need more than one Zhu pocket towel ... we offer a great discount on two (2) Zhu's and an even greater discount on three (3) Zhu's. Plus check out our super low shipping rates and free shipping on orders of three Zhu's !