About Us

From all of us at Zhu Is Bamboo ...

The sustainability platform is simply a responsible point of view that our manufacturers and we as designers incorporate into our lives and everything we create.

For us, that responsibility alone is not enough. We believe that in addition to being ecologically friendly, our products have to be aesthetically appealing, functional, and mindful of you, the consumer. We are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

Zhu Is Bamboo is a collection of products being created to raise this awareness. The bamboo products we develop are innovative, convenient, and practical. Ultimately, they are useful to you in your daily life.

Zhu PockeTowel ...

Bamboo sports towel with pockets designed for any fitness activity or workout

Zhu Is Bamboo develops products that compliment your lifestyle. The PockeTowel™ is our first patent-pending original to come to market. We’re proud to put the Zhu name on this marvelous creation. It has our seal of approval and is truly the smart way to exercise.

The Zhu PockeTowel™ is the only sustainable, naturally anti-bacterial sports towel developed for function and performance. Made with a blend of pure natural bamboo and cotton, the Zhu PockeTowel™ is specifically designed to safely hold the personal items you carry with you into any fitness activity or workout. Additionally, bamboo’s anti-microbial properties protect you from germs and bacteria.

Measuring 44”x12”, the Zhu PockeTowel™ is the perfect size to work with you as you work out, do yoga, or perform in sports or any physical activity. And it protects your valuables with dual side-by-side zippered pockets. The iPocket™ securely holds your iPod, iPhone, or any smart phone and the second pocket is large enough to safely hold your keys, cash, ID and more.

Plus, check out this extraordinary feature … throw away those wires, armbands, and belts and go wireless. The iPocket™ securely and conveniently holds your Bluetooth iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry, or iPod. Utilizing the Zhu PockeTowel™ and a wireless headset is the very best solution for listening to music while you exercise.