What people are saying...

"A pocket in a towel, of course, why didn't I think of that!"
PJ K. - Los Angeles, CA

"I use my Zhu PockeTowel everywhere, the gym, when I play tennis, yoga...I love it! My husband tried to take it golfing with him...I told him to get his own Zhu!"
Toni P. - Newhall, CA

"The days of losing things at the gym are over...thank you Zhu!"
Greg S. - Venice, CA

"Earth-friendly, anti-bacterial, soft as a baby, multiple uses, take it anywhere... incredible! Am I forgetting anything?"
Cindi H. - Santa Clarita, CA

"This is the softest towel ever...and cleverly disguised as a rugged sports towel!"
Tony V. - Montreal, Canada

"I love my Zhu PockeTowel. I can't imagine yoga or the gym without it."
Kelly V. - Los Angeles, CA

"The Zhu PockeTowel has really become, like they say, a fitness accessory. My stuff in the iPockets and a bottle of water keep it simple!"
Jeremy S. - Santa Monica, CA

"I just throw the Zhu PockeTowel over my shoulder and go! No more carrying stuff around in my hands or pockets. Really cool!"
Bruce B. - Sherman Oaks, CA